February 5


Time To Retire

By Guru Lwanga

February 5, 2021

Marketing Software

I’ve retired from serving my clients.

No, I don’t mean getting off of the office. I’ve retired temporarily to visit my mum…who I hadn’t seen in one and a half years.

Why? You ask? Because of unfinished business, and the coronavirus. But all is well now.

I’m in the hinterland, far off the polluted cities of Nairobi. I’m breathing a blast of clean breeze as I write this. The best part is taming my beloved pigeons. Later, I’ll talk about an important marketing lesson we can all learn from pigeons.

See, whether I found out about you or you found out about me, it doesn’t matter. I’m always figuring ways I can use to help software businesses (someone said SAAS is not a niche).

You could be wondering why you haven’t heard from me. It’s not because I forgot about you. It’s not because I don’t prioritize you. In fact, I can’t wait to get back in office.

Timing is something neither of us can control. But I make the best out of every minute even when I’m out of office. Even in this marginalized reserve, I’ve worked on 2 Whitepapers and several blog posts.

Maybe you have a lot of clutter and unfinished business to take care off. You need to run a newsletter, revamp websites, lead magnets…and so on. Maybe you need case studies, landing pages Ads etc. We need a lot of content and copy. That’s good news for us. But the answer to all of your marketing problems is focus. Which begins by KYC. Once you know your customers, you can prioritize and only use the best mediums.

On Knowing Your Customers

Learned about KYC, As I was reading a course given to me by the greatest living direct response marketer and copywriter of all time, Gary Bencivenga, I understood the importance of knowing your customers. He may find out about this so I’ll not reveal anymore than that, My knowledge is to be used in the service I give to clients.

For now, please understand not knowing your customers is the missing link in your marketing. Whether you want more traffic or conversions.

So I had talked about pigeons. Wherever there are pigeons you’ll find humans. And where there are humans you’ll find marketers. Pigeons live in pairs, that is, male and female. They only lay 2 eggs, the first male, and the other female. Both participate in hatching eggs, the male in the day and the female during the night for 19 days straight. And guess what? They all breast feed their babies interchangeably. (Feeding milk from their crop) The squabs grow to juveniles, juveniles to fledgelings and then to adult pigeons. No, I’ve never seen them fight.

But there are marketers who wander around like lost chickens in a backyard. They wander lay eggs, but never hatch. And even if they hatch, an eagle takes the chicks away. They can’t just use what they have. But continue looking for the next Zen who will bring life to their business.

As for me, we have to think like pigeons and not let the business depend solely on one person. You’re much bettet off outsourcing all marketing to an agency, not a freelancer. To think like pigeons means:

If I supply a high-converting copy, let the client supply the traffic. Even organic content marketing will still need a budget.

How Copywriters Are Paid
You have a product and the product has a price let’s say $10. You run a campaign which sends 100,000 people to your landing page. Since you wrote the copy, it converts at 1%. You may  be at a loss or break even. But I rewrite the landing page and increase conversions from 1% to 2% even 5%. That’s an increase of $10k to $50k in sales. Now I get a fraction of the increase, 5%,7%, or 10% if you’re generous. These are royalties. Expert copywriters will want an upfront fee plus royalties.

So as we prepare to work with each other, the least thing I want to see is not getting my work published. It is much better if it wasn’t done in the first place, (saving each other’s time.)

Money will come once we get results. But No, I don’t need a weak testimonial. I’d like us to do marketing. I’ll help you write lead magnets, clickable Ads, good converting sales pages and so on. I’d like you to do me a favor of publishing them. Then run traffic, paid or organic. Measure the results and the best metrics will be my favorite case study.

It’s not my fault. I already worked with top digital marketing agencies and fortune 500 companies like MSFT and eBay. By the grace of God, I have good testimonials and 97.97% of my clients love the quality of my work.

But the world is quickly shifting towards value and we have to quantify our efforts. Since I’m a writer, I don’t think I can explain this much better through a video. Even if I give you a price tag, value is what I embrace. Let’s be like pigeons and help each other. If you need to consult anything about this offer, let me know.

Now is the time to retire the old take-assignment tactic.  Say hello to the new value addition strategy.

Wishing You A New and Prosperous 2021
Guru Lwanga
Software Copywriter

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