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A Highly Converting Structure For An About Us Page

By Guru Lwanga

April 27, 2020

Why I’m The Best advertising copywriter For An about Us Page

Most About Us Pages are sickening. Today, I’ll be the doctor. I’ll wear my lab coat and point exactly what’s wrong with my patients - Software Companies.

They know an about us page isn’t about them. Nobody cares about their team. Nobody cares about your accomplishments. Nobody cares about your company history, mission, vision and core-values. Sure, you’ll sound nice to your lawyers. But you can’t inspire anyone.

What’s the best way to write an about us page?

A 7 Step Process For A Highly Converting About Us Page

  • Write Benefits.
  • Show Your USP
  • Tell an interesting story.
  • Show the dream lifestyle of employees.
  • Be Seen Not Heard
  • Write using 4PS.
  • Edit and Proofread.

Step 1: Write Your Most Compelling Benefits

It’s hard for people who aren’t in marketing to understand this...Using features instead of benefits. When Jeff Bezos talks about customer obsession, he’s talking benefits. When a founder talks of ROI, saving cost, investment, it's the language of benefits.

What you have to do? Come up with a list of company features. You’ll obtain these from contracts and paperwork when the company was being established.

Make 2 columns. One for features the other for benefits. Ask yourself so what?

We were formed in 1962. So what? We bring you over 40 years of combined experience, guaranteed to almost never screw up your project.

Do this fun creative exercise. Make your list. Make it 20. Make it long. Make it detailed. You're then ready for step two...

Step 2: Show Your Unique Selling Proposition

If you hate selling, call it a unique value proposition. It highlights whatever is different about your business. Most employees and passionate CEOs can’t understand this. They’ll say our product is different. Or our services are different.

No, your product and services aren’t different. That’s why there’s some competition taking money from your potential clients. Think about this.

  • What makes you really different?
  • Do you have patents?
  • Are you the only people with certain capabilities?
  • Does your product and services have something other’s don’t have?
  • Do you promise something easy, better, faster, bigger?

It takes quite a while to figure this out. Make a list of 20 USPs. Then narrow down to 6. Narrow down to 3. And finally 1. This will help form your tagline.

Step 3: Tell An Interesting Story

Ugh! I don’t have any story to tell. Imagine this. Let’s say you’ve gone to a conferences. Or your business partner just invited you for lunch. You won’t speak about touch bases, and efficiently engineered front end services. Instead, you’ll tell a story. These stories, MUST also be used in your about us page.

Just have the source of your story. You’ll worry about telling it later. Here are some of the sources.

  • Best experiences while making the product/service.
  • The product development process: Similar to How It’s Made.
  • Personal experiences of the company’s hero. Usually the CEO or an extraordinary influencer, employee.
  • Current events and trends. Could be late tenders, oil prices, war, and so on.
  • Customer video testimonials.

By now, you should have a list of benefits, your USP, and you have a story to tell.

Step 4: Show The Dream lifestyle Of Your Employees

There are 2 benefits to this. First, it attracts top and relevant talent. Second, it inspires people to achieve their goals. Have a GIF video highlighting company picnics, vacations, and day-to-day life. Show situations and events that resonate with your audience. Appeal to their feelings and emotions.

Step 5: Be Seen Not Heard

Everyone knows about pages are boring. Use illustrations. Collect images, videos, infographics, and slides. They help enhance your message. Make it media rich.

Assemble everything into a first draft. This draft is a document (Google sheets or Microsoft word.) What’s in this draft sheet?

  • A list of features and benefits.
  • 3 USPs
  • Your story.
  • Video lifestyle of employees.
  • Graphics that help sell your company.

Step 6: Write A Blockbuster About Us Page Using 4 Ps

4 Ps stand for Promise, Picture, Proof, Push.

This is your winning outline. In the promise section, Paste your story.

Your story has a moral value. Does it? Yes. This moral value is called a promise. The lesson learned from the story should be "join our company". Or "buy our products."

Quickly transition to PICTURE. This doesn’t mean pasting all the graphics. Insert the video lifestyle of your employees. It could be a documentary. This is universal for both companies and personal websites.

In the PROOF section, insert your USP. Show why you’re different. Make it clear. State and explain your benefits. Prove each benefit with your track record, customer testimonial, or credibility. Add images and graphics where necessary.

In the PUSH section, ask for a small sale. Subscribing to your email, newsletter, following your social media. Whatever it is. Make sure you’ve captured the visitor. Don’t let them go freely.

Step 7: Jargon, Clarity, Specificity, And Conciseness

Avoid jargon: Substitute complex words with simple words. Watch for technical and corporate jargon. Anytime you see phrases like end-to end engineering, delete it. How do you know your english is simple? Run an FK test. Your FK score should be below 7.

Be Clear: Being clear means using one word for many. I have an interesting exercise.

Imagine you’re very angry. You have a sharp sword and a victim, probably a punching bag. Anytime you use many words, slash the sack and give the correct answer. Slash it physically or in your imagination. It depends on how crazy you are.

Seriously, Whenever you say…

On an annual basis (Whip! Whip!) - Yearly.

Kids toys (Whip! Whip! We know toys belong to kids) - Toys.

We have the ability to deliver (Whip! Whip!) - We can deliver

We are on a journey (Whip! Whip!) - Delete it. So what? No one cares.

We are considered to be the best (Whip! Whip!) - We are (insert USP)

Avoid generalizations like being the best.

Be specific: Be more specific with numbers. Specificity means not standard. Add finer details without being boring.

Don’t say the company when you mean Microsoft. Don’t say we were having fun when you meant we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Specificity stirs vivid pictures, making you more memorable.

Use short sentences. This email, once leaked by Amazon, explains everything.

An about page like this one (don't xerox) will generate leads for you. It will convert more prospects, and attract ideal employees. Everyone wants to be part of a great team. Make your team great again.

Now you know why I’m The Best advertising copywriter For An about Us Page. I start by exhausting company benefits, through the USP, I tell a compelling story, I enhance with media...then write everything using proven persuasive techniques. I edit like an angry editor, slashing out all useless words. What remains is called a winner.

Your Second Master,

Guru Lwanga

Direct Response Copywriting For Software.

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