April 17


Let’s Twist Your Tagline With The Bam Formula

By Guru Lwanga

April 17, 2020

Many tag lines out there have no clarity. Take a group of software companies…read their tag lines. They sound like meta-descriptions. I guarantee, many will make you sleep.

What is a tagline?

Tag lines are punch lines with value. Tag lines are slogans with value. Tag lines are combinations of emotion, benefit, and creativity.

An easy way to have one is to make a table. Have 3 columns of USPs, Emotion, and Tagline.

USP: Our quality car is made of strong alloys, makes it undamaged during common accidents.


TAGLINE: Travel Safer, Live Longer.

USP: Unlike other oil drilling companies, we integrate safety-training everyday, before work and after work. We have zero spills. We donate to fight pollution.

EMOTION:The guys are thorough and eco-friendly. Benevolence.

TAGLINE: Your Trusted, Caring Partner.

USP: We are an SEO tool that can bring up to 100k visitors per month to your website. No one does it faster like us.


TAGLINE: Grow Faster With Us

USP: We are a software company, with good customer support. We don’t let our customer s figure technical stuff for themselves.


TAGLINE: With You, For Life.

USP: I’m a copywriter. I use a proven process to help marketers increase their ROI. And stop wasting money advertising. So they grow faster.

EMOTION: Profit/Economy.

TAGLINE: Your Marketing On Steroids.

Let me explain…

A USP (unique selling proposition) is a differentiating factor about your business. To find your USP, ask yourself, what do I do different? Why should a customer buy from me…when they have options of just sitting there?

In the emotions column, ask yourself, how does this make me feel? Greedy? Envious? Motivated? Curious?

In the Tagline column, add emotion to your USP, reduce it to few words, and you’ll have a “tagline draft

Just fill the table. Fill one, fill two, fill several. It pays to have different variations.

Once you’re done, shortlist 3-5 potential tag lines.

Then use my patented “Bam technique” to bring your tag lines to life.

Imagine you’re selling snake oil to your customers. You’re done with your speech and just closed with a tagline.

Would you say “We grow web-enabled infrastructures?” No. Say phrases like end-to-end systems, leverage seamless applications, syndicate dynamic solutions…and they’d look at you like an angry cat.

If you say something useful, then your audience will give a genuine standing ovation. Because you’re about to sell hundreds of snake oil. You’ll Say Bam! Within your heart. 

Use the Bam Formula checklist. You must check all. You have no option.

  • I Used 1,2,3 words and a maximum of 4 words.
  • I told someone what to do. Statements like boredom is a slow death don’t tell someone what to do.
  • I provided real value. I promise something faster, easier, bigger, better, …er…er thinner, slimmer, brighter, richer. You get the idea.
  • I have no creative issues i.e I have the right punctuation.
  • No technical jargon.
  • I’m specific.

For example,



Jesus is king

JESUS. Is King. Bam!

It’s not magic. It’s engineering.

Magical Engineering. Bam!

She is a gem

Gems Everyday, Anytime. Bam!

Results Happen Over Time

Timely Results. Bam!

Remember always forward

Always Forward. Bam!

We shall overcome

Forget The Present. Bam!

Boredom is a slow death

Active Living. Bam!

Enjoy life while you can

Experience Your Future. Bam!

Finally, here is a library of top taglines for your inspiration.



Young and Rubicam

Resist The Usual

British Petroleum

Beyond Petroleum


Think Different




Taste The Feeling


Just Do It


Energy For The Nation

You can also reverse engineer best tag lines in your niche.

You’ll still use table 1 filling from right to left.

Implement this lesson and you’ll never say we grow web-enabled infrastructures again.

Wishing you more beautiful tag lines...

Your Second Master,

Guru Lwanga.

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