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Is Facebook Good For B2B Marketing?

By Guru Lwanga

April 23, 2020

From The Software Marketing Blog: CopyTecher

Is Facebook good for B2B marketing? You ask?

Yes and No. If you’re directly promoting your products and services, then Facebook is dead. But if you can tweak your marketing... Facebook Ads could be your best B2B channel.

You see, advertising isn’t a question of channels. It’s how you use the channel that matters.

What problems arise when B2B marketers use Facebook?

B2B Offers are medium to high-ticket: making it difficult for an Ad to convince someone to buy a $999 service.

B2B companies are bureaucratic, even if a decision-maker sees an Ad, he’ll need approval from people, who were not convinced with the Ad.

B2B prospects don’t hang out on Facebook as much as B2C (Business to consumer) and D2C (Direct to Consumer.

With this in mind, we can tweak our Ad and make it easy for someone to buy.

We can target both influencers and decision-makers.

We can reduce lost circulation, making sure we only pay for clicks instead of impressions.

In addition, you can use this strategy to:

  • Reduce customer-acquisition cost.
  • Nail buyer intent.

Let's get started

How To Use FaceBook Ads For B2B Marketing

Here is an overview of a successful Facebook B2B funnel.

Advertorial -> Purchase

Advertorial -> Sales Page -> Purchase

Advertorial -> Video Sales Letter/Webinar -> Purchase

Advertorial -> Lead Magnet -> eMail Marketing -> Purchase

Even with Google Ads, the funnel is the same. The trick is to use an Advertorial instead of an Ad. Ads that look like an Ad get ignored. You also need to add value with a professional sales page or Video Sales Letter.

How can you execute these funnels?

Write An Advertorial

Use an advertorial to instantly lower your customer-acquisition cost and triple ROI. If you don’t know what this is, see some ad copy here. When writing an advertorial don’t overthink. Instead, write a clickbait headline.

Yes, forget all the rules that say your headline has to be useful. Of course you still want to be useful but through a clickbait. Headlines are 70% of the game.

Name trade: Using celebrities like Bill Gates, Nicky Minaj, and some controversial names will always get attention.

Create A Curiosity Gap: Give a man a stimulus and you’ll get a response. Curiosity means talking about it. You can also use words that create curiosity.

Follow News And Trends: They help generate unique angles and big ideas for your advertorial.

Giving your readers something new and fresh.

Another headline trick is to use case studies. Let’s say you fear going to the moon. And you hear your friends saying how the moon is a promised land, no sickness, no death, good climate...well you’d as well change your decision.

Here are some examples.

Name Trade

Curiosity Gap

News And Trends

Case Study

Next, write the article. Make it interesting. Lay the details nice and thick. And make a transition linking the advertorial to your product. With practice, you’ll get this right.

Remember quantity is key. Advertorials are meant to keep your sales pages alive. You need at least 3 advertorials. Some use 10. It depends on the length of your campaign.

Write A Sales Page That Converts

A high converting modern sales page is important. Most people get the right clicks but only a tiny percentage convert.

IMPORTANT: Never judge the success of a campaign based on conversions. There are many factors that affect your campaign. Product launches, time, buying cycles, and many more.

To get a winning sales page, the basic structure, 4Ps

Prehead: Use to nail credibility elements. For example, Blockchain Best-Selling Author Reveals...

Headline: You’ll never go wrong with a How To. Make it useful (provide a benefit) and unique (use your USP)

DeckCopy: Expand more about the headline.

Lead: Keep the reader interested through a bold promise, a prediction, problem/solution, an invitation, or a compelling story.

Body: Present your product’s benefits. List and explain. Use short sentences, bullets, transitions. Prove every claim you make.

Proof: Give testimonials, track record, credibility, and authority elements. Show facts, studies and statistics to support your claim, and why readers should care. Add your USP.

OFFER: An offer is simple in the lines of give me $x and I’ll give you y. Because it’s B2B, you can use a free trial offer. Also add a premium. Premiums will make your price look discounted. Remember to add urgence, scarcity, and overcome any objections.

CLOSE: Will you use a satisfaction guarantee? A money-back guarantee? Or an iron-clad triple your money-back guarantee? Also use this section to give details on how to order. Add a surprise benefit.

Write A Video Sales Page

The same as a video sales letter. You just turn it into video. Use video sales letter copywriting guidelines.

Write A Lead-Magnet

Could be a book, a special report, a white-paper, a guide and so on. It’s something short, preferably 30-50 pages. Find areas that excite your audience, and write useful information. Have an outline, write, and publish. You need a white-paper writer? An eBook writer? That’s why I have long-form copywriting services. Learn More. White Paper Writer Needed. (Image Link)

Write A Successful 7 Step eMail Sequence

Email 1: Welcome.

Email 2: Positioning: Give your readers interesting features of your speech, raving reviews, publications, books, and endorsements.

Email 3: Free Offer (Give Value).

Email 4: Main Offer. (Order Page)

Email 5: Downsell 1,2,3,4 wherever you like. (Give discount, coupons, deals)

Email 6: Overcoming Objections.

Email 7: Scarcity and Giving Up.

Overall, Facebook is good for B2B Marketing. However, you need to be smart in execution. There’s a lot of mental and physical energy involved. 

If you truly understand your market.

If you truly do market research, you interview clients.

If you know their feelings, desires, and beliefs,

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads will work for B2B.

Wishing You A Successful Campaign

Your Second Master,

Guru Lwanga

Direct Response Copywriting For Software.

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